How to have a modern boho wedding using Ultra Violet/Pantone Color of the Year/Rock & Stone Weddings

Ok, I'll admit it, when Pantone announced their color of the year for 2018, I was a little stumped. I think of Purple and I think of Prince on a motorbike with his 80's hair and doves shrieking! Or the poem Warming by Jenny Joseph which my Mom always loved. When it came to weddings, it just made me think of those ghastly white chair covers wrapped in big satin purple bows!  It didn't feel modern and I didn't see how it could fit my style... but since I know that Pantone are huge influencers when it comes to wedding trends I knew I wanted to give it a chance and after reading what Pantone had to say about the choice I started to see it in a new light.


I love what the color represents and so started to do a little research around how I could incorporate it into my style without it looking like a Prince themed party! As it turns out there are so many gorgeous ways of adding it to your wedding, in large and small ways, and I'm excited to try some of these ideas out in 2018.

Say it: Let your guests know you're bang on trend from the very start! I'm crazy about this purple invitation suite. The  white calligraphy gives it a contemporary edge while the two tone watercolor effect and dark envelopes give it a moody bohemian feel. Perfect for a winter or evening wedding.

  Stationery from  Ink & Sable

Stationery from Ink & Sable

Wear it: When it comes to your Bridesmaids there are so many purple shades available right now but you don't have to resort to traditional matching bridesmaids dresses if that's not you. Free People is one of my favorite stores to find dresses with a more contemporary feel, as well as being something your girls will probably wear again. 

Or if you're looking for a slightly less traditional Bridal outfit, you also have options such as the beautiful Tennyson skirt from Sweet Caroline Styles which is made from chiffon and hand painted in the color of your choice.


Hang it: Macrame backdrops were huge in 2017 and their popularity is showing no signs of waning in 2018. Refresh the trend by adding a little color, either dying the whole thing or using a dip dye technique to achieve an ombré effect.


Carry it: One of the more subtle ways to incorporate a little ultraviolet into your day is to add it to your bouquet. It blends beautifully with pinks and reds if you don't want it to be the focal color. All bouquets from Colibri Blooms.

Give it: These gorgeous agate place cards from Etsy Seller Seniman Calligraphy make for a gorgeous tablescape but also work as keepsakes for your guests, so you can do away with having separate favors.


Let me know your thoughts on Ultraviolet below, and if you have any other ideas for how to incorporate let me know that too! Happy Wedding Planning!