"So, this is the part, where traditionally I would say, that I promise forever to love, honor and obey. Though fortunately, obedience, as a concept, has aged. So instead, I stand beside you, willing to wage that I will love you for the rest of our lives. Even when robot marriage is legal and you have ten Alexa wives. I won’t go to bed angry after a fight or at least I will park it to kiss you goodnight. When I dream that you’ve cheated and wake up all sad, I’ll remember it’s a dream and not get too mad!
I’ll do better at remembering to turn off the oven, and when the bedclothes are clean I won’t let the pup in. I’ll be the best wife, mother and friend that I can, and always remember that I have the perfect man. Because you are the greatest guy I have ever known; passionate, principled and kind. And you make me the best version of myself. Baby I’m yours, if you will be mine."